My Diary

An Influencing Rant

This is a little rant from me about the platform known as Influenster.

It’s a trusted platform where thousands of shoppers go on to place reviews on products; from beauty, to arts and entertainment, to technology and electronics. It is a well trusted review site and is quite popular for sending out free boxes of products known as VoxBoxes to reviewers on the platform to try out and review. I myself have continuously referred back to the reviews on the platform to see how different products perform for different people before making any shopping decisions.

My main gripe with Influenster is the lack of control they have over the reviews that are sent in. Many a time I have seen my review being copied word for word and posted by another “reviewer” on the platform, claiming my review as their own! It irks me that some people will just steal the work of another person just to rack up points and badges towards getting free VoxBoxes or try to look like a consistent reviewer.

The funny thing about VoxBoxes is that they are quite limited and are only sent out to reviewers with a large viewing audience (ex: a Youtuber, a popular blogger, or an Instagrammer) for consideration. The number of reviews don’t make a huge difference to your ability to gain a VoxBox! If anything, it’s the quality of your reviews that matters most, and of course, your social platforms. So why would people steal reviews from others? Blows my mind.

There are also many errors in the system, and lately, I have not been able to submit reviews on my laptop! However, on my mobile phone, it works just fine. I have attached a picture of the error message shown on my laptop screen every time I try to submit a review below!

As you can see, my review satisfies the minimum length of an Influenster review and is quite in depth regarding the performance of the concealer. I think it’s pretty valid and well thought out! However, this error pops up continuously, no matter how much more or how much less I write (I don’t believe it’s a problem with my account, as I can post on my phone, rather, it must relate to the system itself)! It’s frustrating. And this is not the first time it has happened. ‘sigh’ All I want to do is share my opinion. Is that so hard?

I will continue to use Influenster for now, as I love reading reviews and comparing product performance. But until I am able to review products myself on the website, I suppose I won’t be able to fully engage in the Influenster community, and that makes me sad. Here’s to hoping the system errors are fixed soon, and for good!

I realize that as a first post, this rant may seem a bit forward and surprising regarding such a huge platform. But hey, maybe this will give you some insight into how I feel day to day!

Goodnight from my tired eyes and I, Adela.


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