Easy, Breezy, Natural – Revlon

*I received this product complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.*

It’s been too long since I’ve opened up my blog and started writing again; life has been so busy recently that I haven’t been able to sit down and relax. With university coming up, everything is becoming quite stressful.

I recently received my second VoxBox from Influenster, and in this VoxBox was the Revlon Mega Multiplier Mascara. This is a relatively new launch from the Revlon line, as it is the very first tubing mascara that Revlon has released. The mascara comes in the shades Blackest Black, Black, Blackened Brown, and Plum Brown. I own the shade Blackest Black. There is 0.28 fl oz. of product in this mascara, which is pretty standard for product volume as mascaras go.

This VoxBox came in a much smaller, more environmentally-friendly packaging, as opposed to the Kat Von D VoxBox which was a massive waste of paper for a tiny lipliner.

Tubing mascaras are a pretty rare find at the drugstore and at the price point Revlon is selling this at (around $8 CAD). With all tubing mascaras, you must be careful to start at the root of your lashes to ensure that the product is evenly distributed along your entire lashes or else the mascara will start to ball up and become clumpy. Many reviewers have commented on the clumpy nature of this mascara, but I have yet to find a problem in that department. The applicator gets rid of clumps, as it has a nice straight edge and is tapered to one side, allowing easy application and for me to reach every single lash equally. The ergonomic handle also assists with this, and allows enough grip that I won’t mistakenly deposit mascara on my eyelid.

The straight brush makes it exceptionally easy to reach all lashes on my eye! The handle is quite large, which enables me to firmly grasp the product and have full control over my application.

I naturally have pretty black and full lashes, but I do see this mascara intensifying my features and adding a little bit of volume (Blackest Black). If applied correctly, Revlon Mega Multiplier Mascara will separate my lashes (I make sure to start at the roots and brush straight up) beautifully and lengthen them to a natural finish. This is definitely not a dramatic mascara, but it is great for those natural makeup days when I want to look a little fancy!

However, the number one reason I love this mascara is that it DOESN’T SMUDGE! And this isn’t even marketed as a waterproof formula (water resistant, yes). This is a wonder because 95% of mascaras smudge below my lids and give me raccoon eyes by the end of 4 hours. This mascara lasts all day, and I never need to worry about black flecks on my cheeks later on in the day when I put this on in the morning.

Even better yet is the removal process. Mascaras that don’t smudge on my usually have a painful and problematic removal, which often involves ripping out a few lashes or me giving up  and leaving the mascara on (both of which are terrible options). However, this mascara comes of easily in warm water, as advertised! Micellar water and regular makeup remover wipes work easily as well. I don’t know what they did with this formula, but this mascara is truly water resistant yet easily removed with water – not sure how, but it’s crazy.

Overall, I would recommend this mascara if you are looking for an everyday mascara that is smudge proof, easy to remove, and will give you a natural finish while still looking put together.  I find myself reaching for this on an everyday basis because of it’s hassle-free application and removal. I might start using tubing mascaras more often now, and this mascara is a pleasant beginning to the journey! 😊

Naturally surprised, Adela.


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